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  1. Tosh T

    Did not receive a notification, Mark. 😬

  2. Mike Lopez


  3. VAL SAN

    great video, subject, very informative. thank you!

  4. Shabazz

    U should go to Somewhere in EAST ASIA or somewhere in AFRICA ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  5. Kathy Lindsey

    Loved this and Mrs Wolters! Sorry I didn't have the notifications turned on to see you live, but now I do. I'm retired and my hubby will be soon so soaking up all the great advice. We'd rather be independent travelers so all of the info is extremely helpful. We just got back from a week in London and your words of wisdom were constantly in my head especially about how to stay safe. Thanks for the emphasis on medical insurance, will heed that in the future. You are such a fun family, thanks for the videos!

  6. Leon Haven

    May i ask what your age is Mark?

  7. Kali Wood

    I didn’t get a live video notice. But I love this! My kids are 14 & 15, they go with their dad when my husband and I travel. We want to travel while we are able to instead of when we have aches and pains !

  8. salesgirl45

    I love this video. Thank you so much! I am an older Boomer so can use all the advice you can give. I will partially retire next year and will have more time to travel and want to take granddaughters. Please do more videos geared to the older traveler. Mrs Wolters is a natural!!!

  9. Black Desert Cat

    Your mom is Beautiful!

  10. Calvin Jeanboi

    Mark, what advice do you have for someone interested in living/going to university abroad? Coming from a bored American teenager

  11. Christina Halavaka

    Thanks for the Perfectly Paris recommendation.

  12. bz2unow

    Loved your mom's ideas – have her on more in the future! I share her intetest in european historical folk costumes too!

  13. John F

    I'd sure like to know the name of these cheap MEDICAL insurance sources — not TRIP insurance. I'm speaking about medical for independent land travel –NOT tour groups or ship. All I can ever find for my age range and conditions are in the $500 to 800.00 range and it may be good for 45 days only or less. The cost is more than the round trip airfare. I'm close to 85 (I travel like a 50ish) but forced to take the risk and travel without the insurance. A real in-depth vid or series on this would be invaluable. Thank you.. Happy travelling to you and your parents.

  14. Joker

    Much love Mark to you and your entire family

  15. bz2unow

    I also loved the topic you discussed multi-generational family travel tips and key point of making family memories which are priceless!

  16. The Linthicums

    Mark, one of the challenges of doing things live: You may want to do some sort of disclaimer regarding the "Gypsies and other unsavory people" comment. What was said at 35:17 is going to be unpopular, especially in Europe. It is an unfair characterization,, at best.

  17. Psalm 122:6 S

    I worked for 12 years in an Urgent Care/ Family Practice office. One of the types of medical facilities that have been popping up where I live is stand alone-type Emergency Rooms – meaning they are not physically connected to or near a hospital, but are considered ER's. I have heard of instances when folks thought they were getting their sore throat, colds, etc., taken care of at an Urgent Care type place and they were actually at an Emergency Room – and being charged Emergency Room prices. They thought the bill would be their $30 Urgent Care copay, however, since it was an ER, everything went under their deductible – which meant they had a large bill to pay for getting treated for a cold.

  18. Evi B

    What a stunning lady, Mark!

  19. Buckleyesque Veronica

    After working in hotels for 10+ years, in 2007 we finally began to travel within USA. It was my in-laws that gave us our first taste of the apple – NYC. Now they’re older and can’t get around so easy. Finally visited Canada this year & 2019 we’ll do a Tour de France trip for my husbands 50th. I hope we stay healthy and continue our new holiday experiences in other countries. Peace & Love ~

  20. Rana Sami Ullah Khan

    Nice to see Mrs.Wolter sharing her views. God bless all of you

  21. gloria Gonzales

    Awsome I waching

  22. gloria Gonzales

    I wish I can travel more

  23. gloria Gonzales

    You mom is very pretty lady

  24. galaxyhunter309

    Sorry I missed the live event. I, too, am a senior who travels lots, particularly in Europe. My wife, who is handicapped it loves European history, geography and culture also travels well. This year we have added a folding electric chair to reduce my workload.

    Also we seldom travel with more than carry on sized bags (they have shops everywhere and they take Visa). My other secret is that

    This year we are trying a river cruise for the first time. Our Eastern European Viking cruise looks like it will be a new and wonderful experience. Following that we have purchased a motorhome to meander about and enjoying the culture. There are plentiful, inexpensive and lovely campgrounds throughout Europe located adjacent to cities with great public transit.

    Some great advice shared by the hosts. Her experience is quite similar to mine.

    We also live in Puerto Vallarta during the winter months. Canadian winters can be harsh but I can honestly say that I have not seen it snow in PV. Lots of expat Canadians and Americans who enjoy winters there.

  25. Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer

    Your mom is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'll be 50 this week and Ric is 52. We are in Spain now while kids are studying Spanish, studying college online and son homeschooling online….soon kids will be on their own so Ric and I will like to continue our travels into the future. We are digital nomads at the moment and hope to continue….we shall see where life takes us. Love this video! Make more videos with mom 🙂

  26. Timothy Dingman

    When I was a 62 year old single parent with kids "ageing out," I had contemplated retiring in Romania. I became involved with social action and arts groups in Newark, NJ and couldn't give up the work

  27. gloria Gonzales

    The face you make w you mom said lisen to mark priceless like litter kid .

  28. theuniplex

    Sorry I missed this …..would have watched live but I guess the notication was not on ,we love travelling with our grown kids ….they are in there 20s

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