Sorry, people still remember that embarrassing thing you did as a kid

A child, remembering all the embarrassing things he did today that no one will ever forget.

Image: Shutterstock / BlueBoeing

You know that super embarrassing thing that you did in elementary school that still keeps you up at night? Yeah, everyone still remembers.

While you’d love to forget that time you peed your pants, or when you puked in front of the whole class, spraying vomit onto your teacher and blackboard in the process, it’s pretty likely people will remember, even decades later.

Last week, Twitter user sewkx shared an embarrassing story about her schoolmate Danielle from the sixth grade, who accidentally said the word “orgasm” instead of “organism” while reading out loud to the class. Ouch, Danielle. Tough times. 

“To calm her down our teacher told her everyone would forget in two weeks,” they explained. “It’s been 9 years & I still remember Danielle. I fucking remember. I hope you see this.”

Someone even corroborated the story, saying it “spread like wildfire” through the school.

The thread prompted other embarrassing stories people recalled from childhood, proving your worst nightmare true: people don’t forget. 

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