S02E20 LAST CHANCE for Cabinet mode in the (Arcooda/Farsight) Pinball Arcade!




  • I appreciate you took the hit for us mate! I just upgraded my video card and can run VPX pretty well, which opens a whole new world for my cabinet, love playing games with the actual rules. I've tried playing around a bit with Pinball Arcade and kind of came to the same conclusion, I'm not sure why you have to pay extra for this feature when you have Pinball FX giving it to you for free.

  • Unfortunately there was no ongoing software development from Farsight. They make a piece of software to run games and that's it. Visual pinball has been going since at least 2003 or so, there's a massive community and there's ongoing software development. The problem with Farsight is that they were slaves to licensing fees and copyright issues. It's a shame, I bought a few packs in Pinball Arcade, plays well on IPad (IOS). Not too well on steam I found.

  • It's very obvious and clear there is commercial resistance, from the pinball companies, who aren't interested in "competition" from virtual pinball. I really don't see any commercial software company being allowed to make a true v-pinball machine that has all the features of the real thing. I also wouldn't doubt if Sten is behind the "resistance" to the virtual "competition"…

  • I spy with my little eye, an arcade legends machine. Did you get this after your hyperspin build? It seems a bit odd having the actual cabinet and then cloning HS to look like it lol

  • You articulated my frustrations perfectly. ie: Waited for the promised cabmode for years, it never came, I just bought this package, and it is so basic it is embarrassing. I want to do the right thing as well and support people that provide pinball products, but it has to be better. VPX clearly rules the roost and this Arcooda/Farsight attempt doesn't come close….. sadly.

  • Some well thought out commentary there. Care to have a discussion on a future episode of our BlahCade Pinball Podcast? I'm actually going to FarSight on the 21st to demo the Arcooda prototype cabinet they have there, so I'll have plenty of info you were curious about in this video. Drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll set something up.

  • I've been on the fence about it for a while, probably because I have a natural dislike for something existing when I can't legally acquire it. I didn't hear about VPX until after I bought every season pack Farsight has to offer, but from what I've seen, they seem to be far more realistic, and far more suited for virtual cabinets. I have no regrets for being able to play all the tables on Steam, but after thinking it over, I've decided paying $150 just for cabinet support isn't worth it, especially since I don't even have a cabinet or a place to put it.

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