Noclip Podcast #06 – Marijam Didžgalvytė (Game Workers Unite)



  • "progressives have really not been in [the games industry] space and really abandoned it, and in that vacuum obviously right wing politics have developed"

    how completely inane. you sure know how to pick em Danny…

  • "We are committed to remaining non-sectarian and we will not censor or deride individuals for their particular political tendency. However, we reserve the right to censor politics that are pro-employer, pro-exploitation, pro-oppression, bigoted, or are in any other way reactionary." – Points of Unity, Game Workers Unite

    Daily reminder that these people are unironical marxists and will throw you under the bus unless you are a full-on "Orange man bad" NPC. But hey, I'm sure what the gaming industry needs right now is more left-wing ideologues. Just ask DICE. :^)

  • Good cast. Its hilarious what pisses off the ayn randian, libertarian hoopleheads. Its nuts that with so much money in the industry that so many gamers don't think the actual makers of the games they love don't deserve more of the pie. I'm not the biggest fan of hollywood, but at least they have legal workers rights and fairly negotiated wages for everyone in their industry.

  • Crunch is only ever "necessary" because of poor planning on the part of management. It's one side of a coin that screws over employees who make the games players enjoy. The other side of the coin is shipping incomplete and/or broken games. Both practices harm the people who make games, the people who buy them, and only benefit management and shareholders.

    I'm not surprised to see stupid comments in a Youtube comments section, but, wow, there's some people with a really dumb political axe to grind to protect the "downtrodden" rich and powerful here. I suppose those people expect to own there own game studio one day? Go get those "progressives"! They're under your bed RIGHT NOW!!!

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