Leonard Cheong Appointed Managing Director of AdNovum Singapore

The executive board of the Swiss software company AdNovum has appointed Leonard Cheong as managing director of AdNovum Singapore.

Leonard Cheong joined AdNovum Singapore on March 1 and took over the position in May 2018, succeeding Moritz Kuhn. In his role as a managing director, he will focus on business development and sales to expand the business both locally and regionally.

Leonard Cheong is an accomplished manager with 28 years of experience in the area of program and sales management within the IT industry. His career spans across institutions in the public sector and major corporations such as IBM, HP and SAP. From his previous positions, Leonard Cheong brings broad experience in advancing strategic offerings and fundamentally reshaping both public-sector and commercial business. Leonard Cheong is married and has two daughters.

Predecessor Moritz Kuhn developed AdNovum Singapore’s business plan and strategy for the local market over the past four and a half years, growing the organization to a company with a total of 45 employees. He will return to Switzerland and take on a new position within AdNovum Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Chris Tanner

Chris Tanner

AdNovum’s CEO Chris Tanner comments on the change:

«We congratulate Leonard Cheong on his new position as Managing Director of our Singapore branch, and thank Moritz Kuhn for his ongoing commitment and valuable contribution.

We are convinced that Leonard Cheong’s broad experience and network within the IT industry in Singapore and Southeast Asia will help propel AdNovum’s business in the region.»

Leonard Cheong

Leonard Cheong

Leonard Cheong on his appointment:

«I am pleased and honored to have been offered this position. My thanks to the board of AdNovum for their trust. Continuing in the steps of Moritz Kuhn, I will focus on strengthening and expanding AdNovum’s offering in Singapore.

I believe that, with its comprehensive knowhow and skills in the area of IT Security and its CIAM product NEVIS, AdNovum has considerable potential in both the private and public sectors in Asia-Pacific.»


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