Fenix Returns! (SC2 Arcade – Direct Strike) – Starcraft 2[18]



  • It was a decent idea to use the burst damage of disruptors to take down Tychus' units, but I feel they really cost too much for their singular use in that role and lengthy downtime. In general I dislike disruptors against pretty much everything except archons, since those are just about the only tanky unit that is neither light (and thus gets slaughtered by adepts) or armoured (and thus gets slaughtered by immortals). As a general rule Fenix is served extremely well by massing zealot/adept/immortal, the only thing missing from that being splash.

    The better option for splash is pretty much always colossi when they're available. Warbringer (the hero colossus) in particular is disgustingly powerful, if only because he applies an attack speed debuff on anything he hits. Also, Warbringer tops out at 68 damage per attack (every 1.38 seconds), so while expensive to field, it's going to do as much damage as one disruptor in the space of ~3 seconds. Obviously not too viable if the enemy has air superiority, but in any other situation colossi in general are great.

    But aside from that I have little to say (you learn fast!), straight Fenix opening is perfectly viable, though I would advise not dropping down your photon cannons in that situation (same goes for any kind of shenanigan opening). Fenix's ones are instantly recognisable, and a Fenix player sending nothing first wave is almost certainly teching to deploy Fenix himself. Having said that, Fenix has no direct hard counter, so it's not as though the enemy could do much about it, but if the enemy has to guess sometimes they'll put something really terrible against you by sheer bad luck.

    My habitual opener with Fenix is mass adept. They're his cheapest and most versatile unit, they're anti-light and can hit ground and air, meaning the counter or at least aren't countered by most enemy opening strategies. From there it's usually a question of whether I need to add zealots to tank for them (usually in the case of mass enemy high dps melee like zealots), simply keep spamming adepts (if the enemy went for something silly like mutalisks), or add on immortals (if I'm fighting anything armoured).

    He's one commander where I really don't like his air units though. Scouts are quite inadequate as a front line, being armoured means they get countered very hard by a lot of enemy air and anti-air, and anything that counters them also counters your carriers and colossi (having all your units in a single category is never good for survivability). That's one reason I tend to push my adept count pretty hard, I want to discourage my opponent from starting an air war unfavourable to me. I want to start the air battle on my terms, with ground superiority and plenty of my units already shooting upwards, and sometimes with my upgrades already researched. Dragoon Fenix is also a good deterrant in that regard, an opponent who watches their air units repeatedly erased by him tends not to keep pushing that angle.

  • Carriers are relatively OP, especially when you stop expanding a line more than it should be (your scouts >_>) and start building up the next line with its own hero/super unit.
    5 – 7 is pretty solid for each line to give their hero/super a good booster, after that working on the next line is a good idea because then you can start multiplying your damage outputs at a relatively good rate.

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