Destination: Cosmic Energy Vortex! Experience other dimensions and meet intergalactic travelers…




  • I suggest you youtube Eric Dubay 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball. This is the true awakening you and the world need. We live on a flat plane world. We are not on a spinning sphere earth. NASA is a fraud!

  • hey even tho i doubt swami ji would accept me to live in the ashram as swamiji spoke to me audably and told me to forget about him,im sure there are other shrams in india that i can live in,as i hate thislife and being bullied by my dad day in and day out….i watched this video were swami told how to complete karma,by experincing it consously and fully,which realy helped alot,but still the fact that m y dad hates me and wants to keep hurting me is enough.!

  • Hello dear Ma Swarupapriyananda, thanks for the detailed description and for all the great news!
    I'm so excited for Mahasadashivoam and one suggestion for the people with doubts: do the best you can do to be there in your intention and in your actions and your path will clear amazingly for you! Swamiji already created the field you just need to sincerely align with it.

  • Hello.

    Question please if you may. Looking for an answer.

    Does India have a label for this story an explanation that makes sense in the Great Spirit of Ocean.

    One night when I was looking at the stars before going for a drive to pick up my sister and her friends from the movies. A Star sitting very still in the night sky moved on me after staring at it for a bunch of seconds. While it was moving I had a surprised reaction. After having this surprised reaction it disappeared. Later that same night I had this erg I guess you can call it to pickup this helpless rabbit in the middle of the street while driving to the movies. I picked up the Rabbit and placed it in the passenger seat. After dropping off my sister and her friend from the movies. I sat with the Rabbit outside on the front porch. Thinking to myself what to do. I decided to start staring into the Rabbits eyes and I started projecting the houses around the neighborhood into its eyes to somehow bring it some kind of comfort in finding a corner to sleep for the night. After a bunch of thought projections a little light sparked inside the Rabbits left eye. The light got really big couldn't be missed. Was a nice big ball of light. Then a Triangle appeared on top of the light ball. Then a second one and a third one. All three touching each other at the base. At this point I was once again surprised. I for some reason thought that maybe something was behind me. So I turned around to look over my right shoulder and saw nothing. When I looked back the light ball was gone. I put the Rabbit on the ground and left it to hop away.

    What I have learned with Vibration and Yoga and Energy and Spirit. Did the light ball leave the Rabbits eye and enter into the back of my head into the back of my Third Eye. Was I in a trance of the Light Being and didn't even know it until later in life.

    Is their a Label for this. You know like these labels.

    Incarnation, Reincarnation, Touch Carnation, Hello here's an educational experience Carnation. Alien Incarnation.

    I was raised Catholic, and I hate it. So Stupid it makes me sick. Unless Catholic was created by a Being to show the world the power of Greed, and how an institution takes advantage of their own people that are trying to make sense of life. Pushing them in the wrong direction all the time. With Vibration. With lies and incorrect teachings. Fear with their statues.

    Anyways sorry is there a Label. 🙂


  • Its not A note its A postcard and A really good one of space 🙂 I made A video took it down because it was A nervous breakdown video. Not very well thought out because Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda frightenend the wotsit out of me shouting Buloka waving the wand 🙁

  • Hi Ma, I look forward to delivery of my Aushada Order #9280. I ordered it back on Nov 5 after the fire ceremony. I hope they can ship it soon as I am very excited. Maybe if you get a free minute you could inquire on my order. Thanks for sharing with us! john


  • @Ma Nithya You really should make a video explaining and introducing that whole area in which you're living right now. It could have a number of scenes showing different aspects and beauties of the place! This can easily attract a large number of people towards this type of lifestyle and could help open plenty of eyes!

  • Even i m Indian and Hindu. I don't had idea about spirituality and awakening third eye like think. But i knew these by you. keep it going on. it will be helpful for many people. People like your serving humnaity and hinudism. thanks a lot that I had once clicked on your video. Plz don't loose your hope in ur old-age. I m saying becoz many people lost their hope from these things when they become old and returned back to their own religions believes and heritage. God bless you more.

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