ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 – Longplay (Xbox) Career & Arcade Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)



  • Alright disclaimer guys I changed the racing songs in this video to avoid copyright. I changed them to other game soundtracks though, such as Ratchet and Clank, Timesplitters, Ssx, and a couple other games. I included around 30 different songs to mix it up a bit. If this does bother you I have a video with the original soundtrack from 2 years back here's the link to it —->

    Also wanted to mention I messed up a bit especially later on with the tricks I would do the longer ones when I meant to do short ones..also their was a couple times It did 2 of the same trick which ended in me going splat. I messed up a few more times because I just bought an Original Xbox a couple days ago and it's my first time using the controller.. its a bit weird for me, I'm used to gamecube, ps2 and 360 type. So yeah sorry about that as well.

    Anyways I hope yo enjoy watching 🙂

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